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  • Is there a maximum guest count?
    Yes. The room capacity is set for 50 guests max.
  • Should I include decorating, setting up, and cleaning up when I book my time?
    Yes, please consider the total amount of time you will be on the premises. This helps us properly prepare for the next event.
  • Can I tour the facility?
    Yes. Please call or text us at 682-432-7775 to make an appointment for a tour of the space.
  • Do you provide full decorations?
    YES! We now have a fully in-house decor team! When you are ready to book, you will meet with the designer and she will help make your dreams come true! We offer balloons, t-shirts, personalize items, sequence back-drops, full table set-ups, and much much more! Call or stop by our showroom!
  • Is there an additional charge for using outside vendors?
    No. There is no additional cost for outside vendors. Please be sure your vendor is insured.
  • How do I know my date is booked and can no longer be taken?
    You are officially booked and on our calendar after you have signed our contract and paid your first installment of 50%.
  • What is included in the rental price of the venue?
    The rental includes round and/or rectangular tables and standard metal chairs.
  • What amenities are available in the kitchenette area?
    Our kitchenette includes a sink, table, small refrigerator, cooler, and microwave. This is not a fully equipped kitchen, so cooking is not an option.
  • What happens if I go over my booked end time?
    If you are still in the event center (on the premises) after your scheduled time, you will lose your security deposit. Please consider adding additional time, if possible, to ensure you do not lose your security deposit.
  • Does someone on your staff speak Spanish?
    Para información del centro de eventos llama 833-246-6382.
  • How much is the damage or incidental fee and is it refundable?
    The incidental fee is $300 and it is fully refundable if there are no damages done to the event center.
  • Can my event go past 12:00 midnight?
    Yes, although any time after 11:00 pm is considered "extended time". The "extended time" options beyond 11:00 pm may be available and purchased for an additional fee of $150 per hour up to 1:00 am MAX.
  • When is a security guard mandatory?
    If anyone at your event wants to consume alcohol, a security guard must be on the premises. You are also required to sign an Alcohol Waiver Form along with your contract. Our security guard rate starts at $20 per hour.
  • How many tables do you have in the event center?
    We have 10 rectangles (6 ft.) tables and 10 round tables. We suggest 6 - 8 people per table. *Additional tables (3 ft. / 4 ft.) may be available upon request.
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